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March 4, 1999

The "Lunar Communion Chalice" reunited with the "Lunar Communion Bag"

David Frohman, President of Peachstate Historical Consulting, Inc., reunites Aldrin's Apollo 11 "Lunar Communion Bag" and the "Communion Chalice" it carried at Webster Presbyterian Church

March 4, 1999

David Frohman, President of Peachstate Historical Consulting, Inc., reunited the actual Communion chalice used by Buzz Aldrin on the Moon with the bag which carried and protected it on its historic journey today. Frohman's goal was to photograph the two historic artifacts together as part of his certification project of the "Communion Bag" with astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

The historic joining of the two items occurred at the Webster Presbyterian Church in Houston, where the chalice has been on loan from Buzz Aldrin for many years. In its heyday, the church was used by many of the pioneer astronauts, including Buzz Aldrin.

"It was a surreal experience to reunite these two icons again after so many years," Frohman said. "This is likely the first time that the Holy Chalice used in Man's first extraterrestrial worship service was ever photographed together with the actual vessel which safely carried it to landfall on the Moon!"

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