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March 3, 2010

(Top photo) David Frohman (seen far left) with the students at the "Cottage School"

(Bottom left photo) David Frohman answers student's questions about space exploration

(Bottom right photo) Students examining flown lunar artifacts under David Frohman's supervision

David Frohman, President of Peachstate Historical Consulting, Inc., appeared at the Atlanta "Cottage School" before 100 special needs students to educate and inspire them about space

March 3, 2010

David Frohman, President of Peachstate Historical Consulting, Inc., made a special appearance at Atlanta's "Cottage School" today along with a very special collection of artifacts used on the Moon!

"The Cottage School is one of Atlanta's premiere schools specializing in meeting the unique learning requirements of special needs children", Frohman said. "Traditionally, special-needs children have been left behind in the educational process. However, the work done by the "Cottage School" is a wonderful exception in this regard, and I was honored by the invitation to appear here today."

Frohman appeared before a group of over 100 children and faculty, and brought a collection of artifacts used during the Apollo 17 mission including flown maps and checklist pages. To the delight of all present, Frohman encouraged the kids to actually hold some of the artifacts under his close supervision. Frohman then participated in an extensive question and answer session with the children about the past, present, and future of space exploration.

"Before I arrived today these were special needs children dealing with their daily challenges, Frohman said, "but by the time I left they were among the elite few humans in history to ever physically handle an artifact actually used on the Moon".

"Not a bad days work", Frohman added.

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