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December 12, 2000

David Frohman, President of Peachstate Historical Consulting, Inc., has arranged the donation of the "Apollo 1 Archive" by Charles M. Duke, Jr. to the Kansas Cosmosphere & Space Center

December 12, 2000

In January, 2000, David Frohman discovered the "Apollo 1 Archive" in the personal holdings of astronaut Charles M. Duke, Jr. While the potential to commercialize the archive was an option, Frohman decided against selling the archive in favor of donating it to a suitable public institution.

"During the previous year since I brought this landmark archive to light, I have been searching for a suitable institution worthy of properly conserving and studying this monument in human history. I am now pleased to report that I have located such an institution," Frohman said.

David Frohman has now recommended to General Charles M. Duke, Jr. that the archive be donated intact to the Kansas Cosmosphere & Space Center located in Hutchinson, Kansas. Duke, in-turn, has approved Frohman's recommendation.

"The Kansas Cosmosphere & Space Center was literally built from scratch from a simple planetarium in Hutchinson to what is now likely the world's finest space museum, immediately after the National Air & Space Museum in Washington," Frohman said. "The museum was initially funded by Patty Kerry and her family, and then grew to national prominence under the direction of its current president, Max Ary."

Frohman will now spend approximately one week on-site at the museum to personally catalog and appraise every single page of the archive. He will then be joined by General Charles M. Duke, Jr., who will formally transfer the archive to the museum.

"This is an amazing and profoundly generous donation on the part of General Duke," Frohman said, "which will touch countless individuals both in this generation and those to come."

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