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Two Gentlemen of Verona

Two Gentlemen of Verona


"At first I did adore a twinkling Starre,

But now I worship a celestiall Sunne."

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This is one of the few remaining 1632 Shakespeare "Second Folio" quotation leaves from my "Shakespeare 200" limited edition, which is among the most extraordinary Shakespearean limited editions ever created. To my knowledge, the only comparable Shakespearean limited edition ever created is the 1935 "Grabhorn Press" edition, containing a leaf from each of Shakespeare's four 17th century folios.


Please open all of the images in the scroll bar, including the image bearing a full description and history of this remarkable edition. Each leaf is also accompanied by its own hand-signed and numbered certification certificate documenting its history and provenance, and which may be read by opening the certificate image in the scroll bar.


Of special interest is a new analysis appearing within the certificate. This data makes a compelling case that the surviving combined copies of the First (1623) and Second (1632) folio printings of the Bard's greatest quotations are far rarer then generally recognized! Indeed, there may be as few as 62 or so copies of each quotation found in this edition surviving in private hands in the entire world!


Again, this tiny number represents the approximate surviving population in any condition between the combined First and Second Folio printings (which are the only folio printings contemporaneous to the Shakespearean era)!








This is one of 200 individual quotation leaves originating from the 1632 "Shakespeare 200" limited edition. This is the first Shakespearean limited edition ever created consisting of original 1632 Shakespeare "Second Folio" leaves that, in-turn, each bear a major Shakespearean quotation. The edition was created from one incomplete and imperfect 1632 Second Folio, whose leaves were professionally conserved in accordance with the standards of the "American Institute of Conservation".



Each of the 400-year old quotation leaves in the "Shakespeare 200" limited edition (including this example) are in overall good condition, and were professionally conserved in 2016 to the exacting standards of the "American Institute of Conservation". The leaves within this edition may have minor spotting, foxing, or age toning, and close margins that may rarely touch or slightly cross a rule line.



Each leaf in the edition is also beautifully (and removably) housed in a custom-designed and archival acrylic case. Each case, in-turn, is designed to sit on a small easel as a beautiful display. This feature allows them to be picked-up and handled, or even turned around on the easel to display the verso side if desired.





The "Shakespeare 200" limited edition was unveiled at the 2017 "Shakespeare Association of America" conference in April, 2017. Over the course of the three-day exhibition, the edition and its folio leaves were examined and vetted to general acclaim by over a thousand attendees, including some of the world's leading Shakespeare (and Shakespeare folio) experts.



Then, on April 23, 2017, selected quotation leaves from the "Shakespeare 200" edition were unveiled, exhibited, and photographed at the "Shakespeare Academy", which is the new educational, outreach, and museum division of the renowned "Atlanta Shakespeare Company".



On May 1, 2017, David Frohman then unveiled the edition to the broader world in his interview on "National Public Radio". David was joined in the studio by Jeffrey Watkins, artistic director and board president of the "Atlanta Shakespeare Company", who helped to explain both the importance of the edition, and its valuable financial benefits to the Shakespeare community.



Indeed, the "Shakespeare 200" fund-raising efforts ultimately provided nearly $50,000.00 in cash to the "Atlanta Shakespeare Company" in 2017, along with David Frohman's donation of another $25,000.00 or so in 1632 leaves.



Finally, at the  "Shakespeare 200"  fund-raising gala held at the "Atlanta Shakespeare Playhouse" on May 17, 2017, actors performed quotation passages on stage directly from the archivally - encased "Shakespeare 200" leaves themselves. This may be the first time in history that actors have ever performed Shakespeare on stage directly from any 17th century Shakespeare folio material.


Please open the photos in the scroll bar to view images taken during these unique events.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions, and I look forward to hearing from you!


Thank you!



David Frohman, President
Peachstate Historical Consulting, Inc.

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