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Peachstate Historical Consulting, Inc.

Specializing in the world's finest historical artifacts, manuscripts, and rare books since 1997

About Us

- Listen here to David Frohman's 2017 National Public Radio interview about his "Shakespeare 200" -

David Frohman shown holding the iconic "Six-Iron" golf club used by Alan Shepard to hit his golf shots on the Moon. Frohman was picked by the "USGA" Museum to appraise it.

Peachstate Historical Consulting, Inc. was founded in Atlanta, Georgia by David Frohman in 1997, and the year 2018 marks its third consecutive decade in business. David Frohman is an expert in the field of rare books, historical artifacts, and  manuscripts, and since 1997 Frohman and "Peachstate" have specialized in two primary areas. 

Frohman's first area of expertise encompasses rare books and historic manuscripts, with a focus on iconic books such as 17th century "Shakespeare Folio" material, the Gutenberg Bible, and 1611 King James Bible folios. Indeed, with David Frohman and Peachstate well-established in their third decade in business, much of Frohman's attention is now focused on becoming a major market-maker in 17th century Shakespeare folio material. 

For example, in 2016 David Frohman created the "Shakespeare 200" limited edition, consisting of 200 of Shakespeare's most famous quotations as they appear within their original and respective 1632 "Second Folio" leaves. This limited edition, along with the 1935 "Grabhorn Press" folio limited edition, are arguably the two single greatest Shakespearean limited editions ever created! 

In 2017, David Frohman then brought the "Shakespeare 200" to market, while donating nearly $50,000.00 from its sales proceeds to the "Atlanta Shakespeare Company" to help benefit the Shakespeare community. David Frohman also holds the distinction of having envisioned and launched the world's first Shakespearean 17th century "Folio Lending Library". This remarkable folio lending library is hosted at the Atlanta Shakespeare Company's new "Shakespeare Academy". 

Frohman's second area of expertise relates to artifacts originating from the pioneer American space program. 
David Frohman holds the distinction of having personally cataloged and appraised more artifacts returned to Earth from the Moon then any other private individual in history, including thousands of items. In that remarkable capacity over the decades, he has served as the private archivist and advisor to many of America's pioneer Apollo astronauts and their families. He has also served as an advisor on astronaut affairs to the Smithsonian Institution, the Kennedy Space Center, the Kansas Cosmosphere & Space Center, the United States Congress, and the President of the United States. 

David Frohman also holds multiple university degrees in aeronautical science and liberal studies, and completed post-graduate work in accounting, theology (on scholarship), and history. In 2007, David Frohman was also awarded an honorary degree from Kennesaw State University, along with General Charles M. Duke, Jr. (the 10th man to walk on the Moon during Apollo 16). Both Frohman and Duke received their honorary degrees together in recognition for outstanding service they provided both to the university, and the people of the state of Georgia.

Frohman is also a former Air Force officer, with forty years experience flying both subsonic and supersonic jet aircraft. He holds a commercial pilot license with all ratings, and was previously a flight and ground instructor. Frohman is also a long-time master Freemason, and in 2006 his Masonic petition was co-signed by fellow mason Dr. Edgar D. Mitchell (the 6th man to walk on the Moon during Apollo 14). 

Since 1997, David Frohman's philanthropic activities have included personally arranging the donation of nearly $1,500,000.00 worth of historical artifacts, manuscripts, and rare books to museums, libraries, theaters, and schools across the United States. David Frohman has also written and lectured extensively within his areas of expertise, and been interviewed on both "National Public Radio", and in film and television documentaries. 

As mentioned above, David Frohman is currently establishing his firm, "Peachstate Historical Consulting, Inc.", as a major market-maker specializing in 17th century Shakespeare folio material. Thus, in addition to actively selling superb 17th century Shakespeare folio material, Peachstate is also actively buying all 17th century Shakespearean folios, individual plays, and even quality stand-alone folio leaves. Peachstate also has a special interest in buying any and all 1623 "First Folio" material, so please call or e-mail us for a swift cash offer should you have any 1623 First Folio items for sale. We are interested in whole or partial First Folios, individual First Folio plays, or even stand-alone First Folio leaves! 

You may call David Frohman directly anytime in Atlanta at (770) 910-9100 to say hello, become acquainted, and discuss any Shakespeare items that you wish to buy or sell. All phone or e-mail messages will typically be returned that very same day (but kindly don't text), and David's direct email address is 

Finally, superb customer satisfaction was a paramount goal both at Peachstate's founding in 1997, and it remains one today as well! David Frohman looks forward to meeting you, learning about and assisting you in meeting your goals, and establishing a beneficial long-term relationship! 

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